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Welcome to Livin’ in Jersey City - the podcast where we share insightful, positive uplifting stories about the residents who make up the inner fabric of one of the most diverse cities in America. 

Season 2

Ep.2: Taking Care of Jersey City's Homeless

Sufia Hossain, the founder of Silly Chilly Hot Sauce, is making sure the homeless residents of Jersey City are taken care of one bar of soap at a time. 

Tune in to find out how she's bringing the community together to provide soap for the homeless through her non-profit organization, Give-A-Soap.

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Ep.1: Through the Lens of Real Estate with John Khellah

John Khellah
Longtime Jersey City Resident, John Khellah could have lived anywhere in the world but he decided JC is the place to be. As a commercial real estate broker, Khellah shares how he's seen the skyline of this thriving city grow from the ground up.

In this episode, he takes the time to explain the property tax re-evaluation process, which is in full swing and gives insight of what area is expected to get swept up in the Jersey City real estate boom.

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Season 1

For the first season TheJCResident.com asked Jenna Firshein, the editor of GrowingInJerseyCity.comto join as a host for the first season of the podcast. 

Jenna flipped through her contact list and invited prominent figures of the community to share what Jersey City means to them and how they contribute to the inner fabric of this thriving town.

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S1:Ep.6 - Get to Know Jersey City Eats

Jersey City Eats (aka JCEats) is an anonymous food blogger who is dedicated to sharing all of her dining experience she encounters throughout Jersey City. 

You can find a running list of Jersey City restaurants she's found and tasted at JerseyCityEats.blogspot.com. Keep up with her via Twitter @jc_eats and Instagram under the same name @jc_eats

Only a few people in Jersey City knows the true identity of JCEats and I'm proud to say I am one of them. Unfortunately, you won't be able to get me to point her out. I'm a woman of my word and I signed an oath.

JCEats is well connected with what's taking shape in the culinary arena of Jersey City. Tune in to find out why she prefers to remain anonymous, her favorite places to dine, and what she thinks about restaurant row heading to Journal Square.

S1:Ep.5 - JC's Historian: Bill Benzon

If you ever wanted to know the story behind Jersey City's graffiti scene, then tune in and listen to our special guest, Bill Benzon.

For several years Bill has documented Jersey City's art scene through the lens of his camera. You can find hundreds of photos from Bill's Jersey City collection on his flicker account - www.flickr.com/photos/stc4blues/.

Bill is also well connected with Jersey City's iconic graffiti artist the Green Villain, who also has a hand in transforming the Bergen Arches abandoned railway into a public green space.

So, if you're ready for history lesson click the play button.  

S1:Ep. 4 - Get the Skinny on Squeeze'D

In this episode, we were joined by Carolyn Texadore, co-owner of the mobile juicing bar Squeeze'D. 

After realizing there wasn't a place to get fresh juices in Jersey City, Carolyn and her partner, Victor, decided to get to juicing!

For Carolyn, Squeeze'D is more than just a business. She started her company as a way to redeem her self-confidence after being a victim of domestic abuse. 

Tune in to find out how Carolyn became a survivor, an entrepreneur and an inspirational #BossLady.

S1:Ep. 3 - Up Close and Personal with Jersey City Upfront

(Courtesy of Twitter)
Louis, who is the voice behind the blog, JerseyCityUpfront.com, gives an in-depth look of what life was like as a Jersey City resident in the 1980s. 

Louis also explains how residential and commercial development is now spreading beyond the downtown area and into the thriving Journal Square neighborhood.

S1:Ep. 2 - Mr. AbiLLity

(Mr. AbiLLity: via mrabillity.com)

Jersey City artist, Mr. AbiLLity, takes his place on the mic to discuss what he's been up to since the 2016 Monopoly mural fiasco. 

The man behind the "iLL" also shares his views of the gentrification taking place throughout Jersey City and how residents can move forward in a post-Trump Administration. 

Spoiler alert! His plan involves sprinkles. 

S1:Ep. 1 - Hello Michael Billy

(Michale Billy: Courtesy of IMDB)
In the first episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Billy, actor and co-chair of Jersey City Pride. 

Mr. Billy's voice, beliefs, and passion for what's currently taking place in America can be heard loud and clear on the local and national level. 

Tune in to hear how Mr. Billy plans to take Jersey City forward after the shocking results of the 2016 elections.

S1: Intro - What is Jersey City?

Executive producer and host TC's Views, and the first co-host, Jenna, explains what the podcast is all about. Listeners will get an earful of their personalities and what Jersey City means to them. 

And if you're wondering who will be on the show for the first season, click the blue play button below and listen very carefully.


If you'd like to be a host or guest on the show send an email to thejcresident@gmail.com.

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