Saturday, July 23, 2016

Jersey City vs. Hoboken

Since moving to Jersey City, I've learned that most local residents aren't fond of the neighboring town of Hoboken. Critics describe Hoboken as a post college town filled with mid-twenty year-old "pilate/yoga pants wearing, stroller mafia mommies - aka young stay at home mothers whose spouses work in the depths of Wall Street.

To be honest, Jersey City has the same stroller mafia in the neighborhoods of Paulus Hook, Van Vorst and Hamilton Park. However, I have yet to bump into a fresh out of college resident in Jersey City. 

Just like Jersey City, Hoboken has a thriving restaurant scene, public transportation in and out of NYC, and several unique boutiques. However, I can only take Hoboken in small doses. 

I can't quite put my finger on it but it's just something about the town that makes me feel a little uneasy.

My best friend and her fiancĂ©, who are both in their early 30's, moved to Hoboken a few years ago from Queens, N.Y. Shirley recently confessed to me that she actually prefers Jersey City, but her husband feels right at home in Hoboken. 

Because of our neighborhood disagreement, we take turns visiting each other in our respected towns. Unfortunately, I've got to make the trek over to Hoboken for our next outing. 

Some longtime residents of Jersey City are actually very territorial and don't even want newbies moving in who may even look like Hoboken natives.

For example, when Transmission was setting up shop in the Power House Arts District in August 2015, the owner received an e-mail that read: "Go back to Hoboken." Turns out the owner and his family lives in Jersey City Heights and moved to America from Australia. 

On the flip side, several Jersey City business owners and activists feels that Hoboken lost its culture several years ago. And Jersey City residents don't want to see the same thing happen in their town.

As a new resident of Jersey City, I do appreciate the culture and the "pockets" of diversity that lingers beyond the "red tape." With all of the development and gentrification taking place in JC, I wonder how city officials and neighborhood associations will keep the culture in tact.

Jersey City natives, what is it about Hoboken that you dislike?

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  1. Just bought a home in the Van Vorst Park area of Jersey City after renting an apartment in Hoboken for a year. The lack of diversity in Hoboken makes it uninteresting to me. And it's hard to ignore the drunk twenty-somethings. Even though Jersey City has a lot of the superficial elements that Hoboken has, it also has a strong underground arts scene, cultural diversity and other elements that give it more depth than Hoboken.