Friday, April 29, 2016

Jersey City: The Sixth Borough

(On the wall of Orale Mexican Kitchen)
Dining out, eclectic watering holes and boutique retail shops are just some of the things that make up Jersey City. But if you throw in a couple of Brooklynites and Manhattanites into the mix, you’ve got yourself the perfect combination to refer to Jersey City as the sixth borough.  

Not to be confused with New York City’s sixth borough as Jonathan Safran described in the New York Times Sept. 17, 2004, article.
Once upon a time, New York City had a Sixth Borough. You won't read about it in any of the history books, because there's nothing ­– save for the circumstantial evidence in Central Park – to prove that it was there at all. Which makes its existence very easy to dismiss. – Johnathan Safran 
When I come up from the Grove Street Path Station, I do feel like I’m in NYC. The only difference is that Jersey City is much cleaner. And less dense. And the people are nicer.

If you look to your left or right, you’re bound to find a native New Yorker who now calls Jersey City their home. And from my tally, there are a lot of New Yorkers living here.

Most JC residents I’ve met actually moved here from Brooklyn. And depending on what part of Jersey City you walk through, you’ll feel like you’re in Park Slope and Prospect Park.

You’ll definitely feel the Brooklyn vibe when you stroll through Hamilton Park and Van Vorst Park. Parents and their young kids picnicking in the park. Couples walking their lapdogs. And musicians strumming their guitars on the corner of Grove Street near the pedestrian zone.

The only part that makes Jersey City not so New York are the absence of Yellow Cabs. I’ve never seen one Yellow Cab on the street of JC.

Jersey City’s night scene is also a bit quiet. There’s not much to do after midnight and there are plenty of times I find myself heading into NYC to find something engaging to do.

Since Jersey City is literally a hop, jump, and a skip away from Greenwich Village, it really does feel like I am living in NYC.

So why not call JC the sixth borough? Everyone else is starting to.

Are you a new JC Resident who moved from NYC? Do you consider Jersey City as the sixth borough?

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