Sunday, March 27, 2016

Convenient Living in Jersey City

The shopping scene, watering holes, and public transportation makes living in JC extra comfortable.  

Today marks seven months since moving to Jersey City. And I can honestly say that I've come to love this place that I now call home. 

Living in the Powerhouse Art District, I have absolutely everything I need. 


Shop Rite, the grocery store I frequent, is two blocks away and it's located right next to the bulk retailer BJs. Directly across from the parking lot is Bed Bath & Beyond, and further up the block there's the Newport Centre

"There are several grocery stores around town. Stay tuned for future posts."

The mall has a little bit of everything, including AMC Movie Theaters. You'll also find mass retailers with the likes of Macy's, Armani Exchange, Sephora, Loft and H&M. 

The mall's food court has a diverse mix of your typical mall cuisine. It recently got a new addition, Two Boots Pizza, which is also located in the pedestrian zone on Grove Street. And one of my southern favorite fast food chains, Chick-fil-A, was also added to the mix. Please note that you won't be able to 'EAT MOR CHIKIN' on Sundays.  

Watering Hole

There are several bars around downtown JC. Due to a bad case of the winter blues,I've been reluctant to head outdoors to find all the watering holes in JC. However, the one that is close enough for me to get to before frostbite sets in is located just two short blocks from my apartment building. 

Dullboy's signature cocktails are made with passion. Calling the staff who tends the bar bartenders is actually an insult. So it's best to refer to them as mixologists.

Depending on what time of the evening you walk through their doors, the scene ranges from chill and laid back to intimate and entertaining. The playlists are always unique. One night their playing hip-hop from the 1990s and another night you might be greeted with a mix of pop music and old school reggae.

Daily Commute

If you work within proximity to a commuter line, a car is not necessary as a JC resident. 

I am able to get to NYC in less than 20 minutes via the Path. Whether you're heading to Lower Manhattan or The Village, Monday through Friday you can be in NYC in just two to three train stops. 

Weekend commute into the city takes a little longer. The 33rd Street/Journal Square and Hoboken Path trains shares the same line. Meaning, if you need to get to 33rd Street from the Grove Street stop, you're going to head into Hoboken first then all the local stops up to 33rd Street. Just me sure to check the Path's weekend map to get a better understanding.  

Then there's the light rail, which gets you around town above ground. There are light rails to Hoboken Terminal, where you can get the NJTransit to the suburbs. You can also take the light rail to Newark Penn Station where you can catch the NJTransit to Princeton Junction, and EWR International Airport

If you're interested in exploring Jersey City Heights, you can walk or take a jitney. A ride cost about $2. I haven't taken one yet, but it's on my JC bucket list.

New Friendships

When I first moved to JC, I was starting a new job which took me to Princeton, N.J. every single workday. Because of my strenuous hour and a half commute by Uber, my first couple of months living in JC didn't grant me any free time to meet new people.

In an effort to befriend some new neighbors, I attended a meeting hosted by the Powerhouse Arts District Neighborhood Association. The attendees either didn't speak to each other or they were blocked off into cliques. It kind of felt like being back in high school.

The leaders of the meeting bitched about lack of parking, what buildings were going up and coming down, and they ripped into Transmission Lounge

I decided not to return to PADNA's meetings until they take a step back and realize that Transmission Lounge is needed in the Powerhouse Art District. They need to be willing to work together instead of wasting their precious time keeping watch and calling the cops every time they see people walking through the doors of the lounge.

What's Next

Now that spring is on the way I would like to find an affordable gym, a cute coffee shop with free wifi where I can write, and I would like to attend networking events so I can add a couple of more JC friends to my roster. 

This way I can become even more comfortable in my new city I now call home. 

Are you a new JC Resident? How are you liking it so far? Feel free to email your experience to

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